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how to start an online shop

How to start an online shop

from as little as £399

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We can start an online shop for any business
Clothes, Books, DIY, Lighting, Garden Furniture, Ladies Underwear, Rugs, Pots & Pans, Ornaments, Cleaning Products, Fishing Tackle, Candles, Cushions, Electrical Appliances, Beer & Wine Making, Picture Frames, Jewellery, Flowers, Food, Pet Products, Cakes...

Anything! If there is a shop that sells it - we can start your online shop.

We do all the work for you

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The 2020 small-shopkeeper wake-up call

For decades the owners of small shops in the high street or other parts in town went about their business generating turnover as well as an income and they did this by relying on customers to visit their shops.

Many of these shopkeepers also had websites, good looking and well presented brochure sites which showcased their products greatly while also highlighting current offers to tempt more customers to pop in.

But then the virus came and many shops were ordered to close! This led to no more customers, no more turnover and no more income. This probably was when you wished how to start an online shop in the UK.

Does this sound like what happened to you?

It is great to have a physical bricks and mortar shop, and it is great to have a well designed website for your online presence so that you can show what is on offer. But wouldn't it be really great if you also had an online shop as well, which continued to offer your products for sale while your physical bricks and mortar shop is shut - for example, after hours or when there is a virus about and the government orders your shop shut. Your online shop would remain open 24 hours a day seven days a week. It will collect orders and payment and take care of the paperwork. All you need to do is to pack the product and post it.

Yes, most customers would prefer a close up view of the product, and they may want to touch it, especially if you are selling clothing. They cannot do this online. So they will just have to wait until opening time the next morning and pop in. But what if there is no opening time in the morning because of a virus? Well, they will have no choice. Going to your competitor won't work because his or her shop is closed too. If they really want the product, they will purchase it online because that is the only way they are going to get it. To get started, you will need to know how to start an online shop, and this is where we can help you. We create your online shop for you. With over twenty years of working with websites, there is just no need for you to know how to start an online shop.

There are added bonuses of starting an online shop

* Your regular customers would be more than willing to buy from your online shop after hours or during a virus pandemic because they know you and they trust you.

* Folks who find your website and who have never purchaced anything from you will still be happy to buy from your online shop when there is a virus shutdown, if your shop looks professional and if it is easy and simple to make a purchase.

* Feedback from our customers has shown us that having an online shop which showcases all your products in detail will reduce the amount of footfall to your shop from folks who are browsing. In other words, less people in your shop, but those popping in will mostly buy because they have already seen what they are looking for in your online shop. For this reason alone you should seriously consider obtaining an online shop. We just need images which you can generate with your iPad or phone, a product description and your online retail price for each item. Or, we can create the images for you for a little bit extra.

Contact us for details and a quote for an online shop

Terms: Deposit 50% Balance due on acceptance

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Why you should
Choose Our Online Shop Service

X9 Internet employs inhouse software engineers. All our crucial applications work with software designed by us. This gives us direct control over every aspect of your online shop application, rather than having to develop work-around fixes when using third party online shop apps.

Our online shop software can be modified to facilitate your particular requests.

my 5 minute website builderEach X9 Internet online shop account includes a personal account manager who will be responsible for maintaining your online shop around the clock and who is available to you at the end of a telephone line when needed.

It is always recommended that you work with a Nominet approved online shop provider.
We have been a Nominet accredited provider since 1999.

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