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X9 Internet was founded in the UK in 1998. We saw demand for dependable and reliable yet low cost web hosting service and developed the budget hosting model. This was during a time when a web hosting account was not cheap. Some firms were charging nearly £200 per year and resources were not plentyful either, at best you got around 50 Mb of disk space with 500 Mb of traffic at the time.

Our Mini Virtual Server came with lots of resources, and at only £9 per year, it was the cheapest fully featured production status shared hosting package on the market at the time.

How did we do it? Working with Designer Servers, the first UK virtual vps product was created, way ahead of its time, using a clever software based solution. This enabled us to commit ourself to much lower fixed costs which were scaleable as our business grew, without the burden of running a costly data center. We have since made this model available to those who wish to venture into the web hosting business and also for website designers.

If your websites are important to you,
you should select your Host carefully

Out of thousands of websites selling hosting on the Internet today, only a tiny fraction of these sites belong to data centres. The bulk of these sites are run by their channel partners, resellers and sub resellers.

The safest source for a reliable hosting service would be to buy direct from a data centre. But this is usually very expensive - and it's NOT because it is the very best service. Data centres could not stay in business if they only sold to end users. Their business module is based on reselling almost all of their resources through hundreds of channel partners such as X9 Internet. It would therefore be dangerous for them to compete with their partners, so they set their enduser prices high.

A channel partner offers an excellent service with good support at a very low price and can do so because it does not have huge datacenter expenses. This is your ideal hosting provider.

When choosing a hosting reseller provider, always check that they are a fully accredited Nominet member. Otherwise, signing up could be risky. There are hundreds of socalled 'providers' who will offer you a real cheap deal, with no support and when the server gets full, your host and your websites may disappear.

It is virtually impossible to tell if a web host is a data center, channel partner, reseller, sub-reseller or just a bloke who is doing this from home for a bit of beer money, when all have excellent informative and professionally looking web sites. It would be best to look at their domains and to do a whois to see when they were registered. We registered in 2000 - so we've been around for a while.

The best tip is to look for the accredited Nominet member shield on a website which offers hosting. If you can find this on a website, that host can be trusted, even if it's a new host. We have been a member since 1999.

You can also try the review sites, but that will require careful consideration as they are not accurate or reliable. In general, review sites are mainly used by disgruntled customers to complain or let off steam when they are disappointed with a host. For example, a customer is careless with his login credentials and gets his website hacked. The web host disables his website to prevent the hackers from causing further damage to the server and informs the customer that he needs to re-upload his website from his backup into a clean account with a new password. But, he did not make a backup and no longer has the original website files. Now he is really angry because the web host refuses him access to his hacker infected files on the server and he runs off to the review sites to write something nasty about the web host. Many web hosts combat this by writing lots of their own 'good' reviews to counter the bad reviews. Therefore, exercise caution when considering web host reviews as part of your selection process.

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